New Spa Partisans

Welcome Spa Partisan Kelly

March 16, 2013

KellyWe are excited to welcome our newest employee to our Hill Country Galleria massage team, Kelly.

Kelly might not be life long Austenite but she has been here since 2004 and loves this city. Kelly found her love of bodywork through her own life experiences. After working a “desk job” she developed nerve damage. She saw so many doctors and no one seemed to be able to help. But once she found bodywork she was practically fixed over night. She then decided she wanted to help others and went to school to begin her massage therapy career.

Her favorite beauty tip is all about water, she recommends, “drink more water, and once you’re done drink some more.”

Help us welcome Kelly to our team and schedule an appointment with her. You can give us a call, 512.236.1115, or schedule online.

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