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Getting the Most out of Your Massage (Part 1 of 2)

July 14, 2011


This is part one of two. The first entry is available July 14. It focuses on preparing and communicating. Part two is available here. It focuses on receiving and resting.

Whether this is your first time on the table or your 52nd of the year, you can get the most out of your massage by preparing, communicating, receiving, and resting.

Like any activity a little preparation goes a long way. As far as physical preparation is concerned, gentle movement and stretching prior to the massage will enhance just about any experience. Coming directly from a hard work out, on the other hand, will narrow what is possible in a massage. You may find all but the briskest and lightest touch too painful, or you may just curse your therapist the entire next day!

You also won’t want to eat or drink a lot before your massage. Every person’s metabolism is a little different so a little self knowledge is helpful here. All the same, it will be obvious to anyone lying on the table that the mimosas and pot of coffee with your eggs Benedict just before your massage was a bad idea. Massage promotes both detoxification and digestion, so choose wisely. A lightly satisfied stomach from your favorite staple (fruit and nuts, some rice or veggies) will do the trick and is a good idea.

Preparation also includes knowing what you want from the massage. Whether you know it or not, you’ll be bringing unconscious expectations and assumptions along with your body to the massage table. To get the most out of your massage, take a moment of time and attention to get quiet and shift these feelings into conscious, attainable goals. You’ll be able communicate to your therapist clearly what you hope to accomplish or experience from your massage. You’ll also be able to better accept whatever comes out of working towards those goals.

Diplomatic communication with the person who will be putting their elbow in your back is a skill worth developing. If you’ve done your homework you’ll be able to convey the information that aids the cause, and you’ll know when to speak up during the massage. For instance, “I am having trouble looking over my right shoulder when I drive because of the pain in my neck” is a little more useful than “I feel beat up.” Likewise, being able to say, “It’s nothing personal, but I don’t want to talk or deal with a lot of intense therapy. Please do what you can to help me relax and sleep better tonight,” is totally fair and respectable.

Communication may continue into the session, as your therapist can only get better at guessing what your massage feels like to you. If you and your therapist constitute a good match, you may only need to moan your appreciation now and again, but even the best partnerships can require a little fine tuning. Should you require your therapist to adjust either approach or quality, you’ll need to speak up. Just remember that your therapist is trying to help.

Part 2 (receiving and resting) is available here.


Massage is an Effective Treatment for Back Pain

July 5, 2011

From a story on NPR:

study in the July 5 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine shows that massage is an effective treatment for lower back pain. In some cases, researchers report, the benefits of massage lasted for six months or longer.

After 10 weeks, the results were dramatic: Nearly two-thirds of the patients who received either type of weekly massage said their back pain was significantly improved or gone altogether. Only about one-third of patients receiving the usual care experienced similar relief.

Read or listen to the full story here.


SALON Product of the Month: Aveda – Sun Care Hair + Body Cleanser

July 2, 2011

Aveda – Sun Care Hair + Body Cleanser

Aveda’s hair + body cleanser is perfect for anyone enjoying some fun in the sun. It is a color-safe formula that gently and effectively removes chlorine, salt and product build-up, while helping to maintain moisture balance. A corn-derived chelator removes minerals found in chlorinated pool water which cause discoloration. Tamanu oil and certified organic coconut oil help maintain moisture balance. Use daily or whenever hair is exposed to sun, salt and chlorine.

This product retails for $24 for the 8.5 fl oz. bottle.

In the month of July, it is free with an in-store retail purchase of $100 of Aveda products or more!


Pics from Curl’s Night Out

June 30, 2011

SALON by milk + honey hosted an event on June 23 for all of the curly girls in Austin. Mia, Clarissa and Laura are all Deva certified stylists. They demonstrated the fabulous Deva Curl Haircut. Everyone who attended received a goodie bag filled with Deva Curl products and now has the knowledge of how to maintain the perfect curl. Check out the pictures below, and we look forward to seeing everyone at our next event.

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Spa Partisans

Welcome New Stylist Kenneth!

June 12, 2011

SALON by milk + honey is pleased to welcome Kenneth to our amazing team of stylists.

Kenneth has been a loyal Texan for the past 19 years. He began his career five years ago as an up and coming stylist and has never looked back. Kenneth has a passion for color, whether it’s highlights, corrective color or a simple one-step. His color training has taken him from Los Angeles to Miami and back.

When he’s not learning new techniques and enhancing his skill, you’ll likely find him relaxing outside or at home. Spend some time with Kenneth and you’ll see he’s probably one of the most relaxed people you’ve met. He loves Austin; it’s where he’s supposed to be.

Welcome Kenneth!


Curl’s Night Out

June 6, 2011

Curl’s Night Out! – June 23

SALON by milk + honey is hosting an event for all of the curly girls in Austin. We know that achieving the perfect curl is not as easy as it looks. Join us on June 23rd from 6-8pm as 3 of our talented stylists demonstrate the fabulous Deva Curl Haircut. We’ll show you how to use the Deva Curl system and answer any questions about maintaining the perfect curl. Anyone who attends the event will receive a goodie bag filled with super fun Deva Curl products as well as 15% off your first Deva Curl haircut! If you’re interested in receiving your haircut at the event, inquire with our SALON manager, Chase, to schedule a Deva Curl cut at a very special price, this night only!


Spa Treat for Your Hair

June 2, 2011

We’ve just added Aveda’s Botanical Hair and Scalp Therapy Treat to our SALON menu.

Like a facial for your hair—Aveda’s Botanical Hair and Scalp Therapy combines high performance botanical formulas with aromaology and a therapeutic scalp massage. The hair is then treated with one of two intense repair formulas: Moisture Immersion, for up to 71% softer, smoother strands; or Strength Infusion, for up to 71% more resistance to combing breakage.

The treatment will create softer, silkier, more manageable hair and includes a blowout + style to finish the look.

You can enjoy this treat as a standalone treatment for $65 or as an add-on to another salon service for $35.


Wedding Tips from SALON by milk + honey

May 13, 2011

Brides have so much to do before their big day.

There is the guest list, the dress alterations, the seating assignments, the food tasting, and every last minute detail. We ask, when does the beautiful bride have time to pamper herself?

The staff at milk + honey spa and SALON by milk + honey have some wedding day tips to help make sure the bride not only looks great, but feels relaxed.


Jennifer, an esthetician at milk + honey spa downtown, says any waxing on the face needs to happen at least 5 days prior to the big day. Just in case some redness occurs, your skin has plenty of time to calm down. What about Bikini or Brazilian waxes? We recommend at least 2 to 3 days before the wedding day.

Skin + Body

For that perfect glow, get a facial one week before your big day and do a light exfoliation on the day of. That way, your skin will be dewy, fresh and your makeup will go on nice and smooth. If you feel a little puffy from the rehearsal dinner, do a eye and lip treatment to relieve puffiness and don’t forget to hydrate! If you’re an outside bride, make sure you have sunscreen. You don’t want to burn before the honeymoon. Backless dress? Come in for a back facial or yummy scrub treatment to remove any dry skin. Remember, the skin on your face isn’t the only skin that needs to be taken care of.

Hair + Makeup

Your hair should be cut and colored 2 and 4 weeks prior to the wedding. This ensures that you have time for adjustments before the big day. If you are having an updo, have a clear vision of what you want. Bring pictures, but keep your expectations reasonable! Many bridal magazines use hair extensions and special lighting to create these looks and they are often difficult to recreate in the real world. Hair + makeup trials are a must, and don’t forget the veil, clips and hair pieces. These are an integral part in your hair creation.


This is YOUR day. For breakfast, drink some green tea to balance out all of that excess adrenaline. Stabilize yourself with some anti-oxidants. And don’t forget, this is a happy day, enjoy it!

If we can be of any assistance in preparing for your big day, please let us know.


Losing Inches – The Secret Lies in Your Posture

March 19, 2011

Here’s a great tip from one of our top massage therapists:

If you are like many Americans who sit in a car to drive to a job where you sit in front of a computer all day and come home to hold a 40lb. child who still wants up, then your posture probably stinks. You lament the loss of your youthful figure, blaming the free office snacks for feeling dumpy. However, along with the obvious route of improving diet and exercise, the fastest way to look thinner is to stand up straight (as in straighten your back, press your shoulders back and lift your head). Slouching always makes people look heavier and thicker. This sounds like an easy fix but when many people attempt this simple biped exercise, it seems impossible to unravel the body’s slumped contortion. Fortunately, a nice 90 minute deep tissue massage can be just the thing to get you back in line, looking longer and leaner, and feeling great. By loosening the grip of tight muscles from your skeletal framework, you will find the length and ease you enjoyed as a child.

Let us help your body find the way back into that balanced posture and you’ll see results quickly.

Image by Pink Sherbet Photography

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