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Enhance Your Curls With Kevin.Murphy’s Killer.Curls

July 28, 2016


Gone are the days of bone-straight hair. Today, many women are opting for hair that has bounce, definition, and texture.

There are many ways to get brilliant curls — a one-on-one 30-minute styling session at Curls Night Out or the damage-free, texturizing American Wave treatment — but there’s only one product our stylists use to keep your curls intact: Kevin.Murphy’s Killer.Curls.


Traditional curl activators are developed with harmful chemicals that strip moisture from your hair and cause it to become dry, coarse, and frizzy. Killer.Curls is different. This leave-in, anti-frizz cream infuses rich and nourishing vitamins into your hair, giving you long-lasting, bouncy curls.

Formulated with a combination of vitamins A, C, E, B1, and B2, this product strengthens your locks, boosts curl elasticity, and adds shine and luster. In addition to those potent vitamins, Killer.Curls is developed with essential oils such as bergamot fruit oil and baobab seed oil, which seals in moisture and revitalizes dry and damaged ends. Combined with replenishing watermelon seed extract and Paraguay leaf extract, this curl enhancer adds a hydrating protective layer to your locks, too. Like all of Kevin.Murphy’s products, Killer.Curls is paraben-free, sulphate-free, and cruelty-free.

Shop Kevin.Murphy’s Killer.Curls and other premium haircare products at your favorite milk + honey location.


Beach Waves Start With This Kevin.Murphy Spray

July 6, 2016

MSFW: Resort "How-To" from KEVIN.MURPHY on Vimeo.

From blonde to brunette, short to long, curly to straight hair, everyone is clamoring to join the beach wave trend.  To achieve that straight-from-the-ocean-tousled style, our talented SALON by milk + honey stylists recommend one product in particular: Kevin.Murphy’s Hair.Resort.Spray.




While most aerosol sprays dry out your locks and leave a sticky residue, Kevin.Murphy’s is formulated with wheat amino acids to help your hair retain moisture, add a healthy gloss, and revive dull and damaged ends. In addition to those hydrating acids, this volumizing beach spray has two other powerful ingredients, hydrolysed silk and the Kevin.Murphy X-HP™.  The hydrolysed silk is a potent protein, mainly used in conditioning treatments, and gives the hair a soft texture. But what really makes the Hair.Resort.Spray stand out from other texturizing sprays is the X-HP™, which transforms into a heat protectant that can withstand up to 420-degree heat.  The Hair.Resort.Spray is for both men and women and like all of Kevin.Murphy’s premium haircare products, it’s sulfate, paraben, and cruelty-free, and utilizes recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Shop Kevin.Murphy’s Hair.Resort.Spray and other luxurious haircare products at your favorite milk + honey location.

Pro tip: For those wanting smooth and touchable waves year-round, experience the innovative American Wave treatment, available exclusively at our Arboretum Market salon.


Photo credit: Kevin.Murphy

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Treat Yourself to Kevin.Murphy Treat.Me

May 23, 2016

What’s new to our SALON by milk + honey menu? Kevin.Murphy Treat.Me, that’s what!


Utilizing ingredients such as sugar cane to retain moisture, mango oil to protect against harmful UV rays and environmental pollutants, and Japanese green tea to revitalize collagen and elastin, this hydrating treatment strengthens the hair shaft and reverses damage caused by heat styling and chemical services.

Formulated with 26 amino acids and antioxidant-rich nutrients, Treat.Me is sulfate free, color safe, and will leave your hair feeling and looking supple and smooth.

Enjoy this treatment as an add-on to any SALON by milk + honey treatment for only $35.

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Our Staff Picks: March Beauty Favorites

March 19, 2014


“My favorite service is our new Ultimate Pedicure. Getting a pedicure is usually about maintenance for me: soft feet, seasonal polish and a moment to relax. However, when I finally start to relax, my pedicure is usually ending and I’m left wanting more. The Ultimate Pedicure provides that extra massage and luxury that I am looking for. Almost a full hour and a half devoted to my tired calves and achy feet is the best!” — Teresa S., manager at milk + honey Hill Country Galleria

“I love Radiance from CosMedix for my daytime serum. It gives me a supple glow that I get compliments on all the time! I strive for healthy skin and Radiance helps me achieve just that. It feels great under my mineral makeup, too. A trick I like to use is to always make sure my face is damp (toner is great for this) before applying serum — this allows you to use less product (one pump is sufficient) and it spreads much easier.” — Brooke M., assistant manager at milk + honey 2nd Street District

“The Signature Plus Facial is a dream come true for mature, stressed, or damaged skin. You enjoy our signature facial with cleansing, toning, extractions, mask, massage and moisture, then are treated to particle-free microdermabrasion that leaves your skin so soft and glowing. This treatment has helped me get rid of hyper-pigmentation and feel more confident about my skin.” — Emilie S., milk + honey HR

“My favorite can’t-live-without product is Kevin.Murphy Young Again oil. It’s great for all hair types and not greasy. It has repaired my damaged ends and continues to keep my hair shiny and healthy. Pro tip: it’s great on dry skin, too!” — Katie A., manager at milk + honey Arboretum Market

“I love Reflect by CosMedix! It’s a spray-on sunscreen that is light and not greasy. With the sunnier summer months approaching, it is essential! It’s the best! The spray-on SPF by Coola is also the bomb. It’s great for chasing down my nephews at the pool and spraying them quickly and easily. My nephew Connor loves it too. He says it makes his skin feel silky.” — Kelley W., assistant manager at milk + honey Hill Country Galleria

“Designed to thicken and plump thinning hair and prevent hair loss, the Kevin Murphy Plumping.Line helps with hair growth while boosting the appearance of fullness. I can tell an immediate difference in the texture and density of my hair after I shower. It’s milk + honey’s newest miracle.” — Summer L., general manager at milk + honey

“‘A Solution’ in the ResultsRx line is my fave. I love it because it has both vitamin A and alphahydroxys. It helps to break up dead layers of skin and promote faster cell turnover.” — Maureen, esthetician at milk + honey Hill Country Galleria

“I’m loving the Citrus Blossom Dermabrasion by EcoInventive. This all-organic exfoliant smells great and leaves your skin feeling like you just got a facial. It has a jojoba oil base so it moisturizes while it exfoliates. Pro tip: cleanse using the Citrus Blossom Dermabrasion, then cleanse once more with normal routine for freshest effect.” — Shawn, esthetician at milk + Honey Hill Country Galleria

“Aveda’s Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisturizer is the perfect sunscreen + hydration + skin tone secret weapon for you. Infused with finely-powdered tourmaline, it boosts skin’s energy and radiance and stays on for the entire day — even through exercise.” — Emilie S, milk + honey HR

“Let’s not forget about Fresh Hair from Kevin Murphy – it’s the BEST! I can go much longer in between blowouts because it keeps my hair oil-free and smelling great.” — Brooke M., assistant manager at milk + honey 2nd Street District

“The Ultrasonic Treatment is my favorite. It is a short, relaxing service that leaves my skin glowing afterwards. If my skin is feeling dull, it brightens me right up!” — Chris W., milk + honey HR assistant

“One of my very favorites for perfect natural curls is the Deva Curl Light Defining Gel. With your hair wet, apply a generous amount to your hands and scrunch it up into your hair. When your hair is dry, shake the curls loose – the gel won’t leave any hard or sticky residue! Just soft beautiful curls.” — Alanah M., assistant manager at milk + honey 2nd Street District


Color.Bug by Kevin.Murphy now at milk + honey

August 6, 2012

Ever want to add some crazy color to your hair … just for one night? Kevin.Murphy has made it easy. We’ll let him explain it to you. You can pick up Color.Bug at milk + honey spa 2nd Street District and Hill Country Galleria. It’s available in Pink, Purple and Orange. $20.

Color.Bug by Kevin.Murphy:

In the world of session styling I’m always looking for new ways to change the models hair. Wild crazy colour became the new hot thing but you cant just colour a models hair just because you feel like it. I wanted full on colour but without the commitment! I had had my share of moments where I wanted crazy colour hair on a Friday, but come Monday morning I didn’t want my crazy colour anymore. I want to be able to put it on and just as easily take it off.

I thought to myself why cant hair colour be just as easy as applying make-up? I had been experimenting with pigments since the 80’s obsessed with the powdered wigs of the French Revolution. The influence came from those times but I wanted it to be intense and almost fluro as it is the intense flash of colour that makes it modern. COLOR.BUG is wipe on, wipe off colour! It’s just for fun and just for the one night. With a towel draped around your shoulders to protect your clothes, I would apply a hair product and then the COLOR.BUG to make it stick. The COLOR.BUG adds body to hair, you can keep this raw texture or add a fine mist of hairspray to lock on the colour.

Watch Kevin use and explain Color.Bug

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Now at SALON by milk + honey: Kevin.Murphy Born.Again.Treatment.

August 1, 2012

During the hot summer months we spend a great part of our time outdoors — in the pool, on the boat, or at the beach without the proper protection from the sun. Now is the time to take control by stopping in to SALON by milk + honey for a rejuvenating Kevin.Murphy Born.Again.Treatment. Suitable for all hair types, this Kevin.Murphy treatment will boost your stressed out tresses.

The Kevin.Murphy Born.Again.Treatment. includes four steps:
Born.Again.Wash. — Full of anti-oxidants, amino acids and proteins that will strengthen the hair and deliver tremendous moisture deep inside the hair shaft.
Born.Again.Mask. — A great weekly home treatment, this mask will instantly heal hair from the drying elements and protect it from further summer torture.
Born.Again.Treatment. — Full of anti-oxidant, this is medicine for the hair and scalp.
Young.Again. — A weightless and clear leave-in oil to smooth, strengthen, and protect hair for the elements or heat styling.

$20 to add Kevin.Murphy Born.Again.Treatment. to any hair service.

$65 for a Blowout + Kevin.Murphy Born.Again.Treatment.

Call 512.236.1115 or schedule online.


Salon Product of the Month: Kevin Murphy Hair.Resort.Spray

April 3, 2012

The warm weather is back and that means beach season is near. Kevin Murphy’s Hair.Resort.Spray has honey, citrus and tangerine to help you create that perfect, tousled look for spring or summer. Stop by any of our salons to see what we mean.

Key Features + Benefits

  • Weightless
  • Texture enhancer
  • Surfer look spray
  • Non-aerosol beach hair spray
  • Soft natural texture

Kevin Murphy Hair.Resort.Spray is regularly priced at $25. For the month of April it is 20% off and only $20.

You may purchase Kevin Murphy Hair.Resort.Spray at any of our three salon locations.


SALON by milk + honey Now Has Kevin Murphy Products

December 13, 2011

Kevin Murphy is now welcomed (and sold) at SALON by milk + honey.

milk + honey is carrying the full line of Kevin Murphy products including shampoos, conditioners, styling products (for men and women), conditioning treatments and color bugs! What is a color bug you ask? It’s a fun way to temporarily add some flare (or color) to your hair.

Kevin Murphy products are paraben and sulphate free and are made from renewable and sustainable resources, such as pure essential oils and plant extracts. We love having products that we believe in, that work, and are kind to our environment.

Kevin Murphy is an Australian line created by a stylist, and the products are sold only in salons. They were originally created by Kevin because he couldn’t find products that worked on all ranges and types of hair, but would also work on editorial looks.

Come visit us in the SALON and we’re happy to tell you all about it!

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