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Meet Nature’s Natural Pain Reliever: Arnica

March 24, 2017


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Next time you’re feelin’ those aches and pains, reach for nature’s antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory herb: arnica. Used as a cure for everything from sprains to eczema, this plant has been used as a homeopathic remedy for centuries.

What is Arnica?


Known as Arnica montana, Arnica is a bright, yellow, daisy-like flower found in the mountains and upland meadows in Europe, Siberia, and North America. Legend has it that this plant was first discovered by humans after watching injured goats trek up a mountain in search of Arnica to heal themselves. The first documented medical use of this flowering plant dates back to the 1500s; although, many historians believe it has been used in healing remedies since the Middle Ages.

How does Arnica work?

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Arnica is packed with the natural chemical, helenalin. This potent compound works to relieve trauma and speed up the healing time of bruises. Arnica reduces swelling by stimulating the body’s white blood cells. This causes a breakdown of fluid and excess blood that’s trapped within muscles, joints, and bruises. But that’s not all. To speed up recovery from bruises, it increases the number of white blood cells within the body to stop busted capillaries from bleeding into the surrounding tissue. Along with aiding in swelling and bruises, it’s been proven to treat and temporarily relieve pain. Recent studies have even found that it’s a safe alternative to treat arthritis pain.

Ask the professional.

To get the inside scoop on arnica, we asked our 2nd Street District massage therapist, Terri, how she uses our popular Arnica Balm during massages. “Arnica can be used in any massage, not just a Deep Tissue or Sports Massage,” she says. When treating a client, Terri will ask them which specific areas need more attention. Before the massage, she’ll pre-treat certain areas that clients have indicated as target spots in order to relax the muscles and alleviate any soreness they might feel after their treatment. After the massage, Terri will tell her clients how to use the balm to soothe muscle or joint pain. “I suggest that clients use the balm before working out or doing any type of physical activity to loosen up the joints and muscles. Then, after any strenuous workouts, I’ll tell them to get a small amount of the balm and really work it into a particular area.”

Which milk + honey products contain Arnica?  


Formulated with organic ginger extract, eucalyptus oil, and a high concentration of Arnica flower oil and flower extract, our potent Arnica Balm increases blood circulation to heal aches, pains, and bruises faster.

Use it in a bath or as a targeted spot treatment, Bath & Body Oil No. 18 soothes sore muscles while creating a hydrating protective barrier on your skin.



Relieve muscle and body tension with Muscle Soak No. 18. Sea salt and Epsom salt draw out toxins from the body while Arnica promotes faster healing.


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milk + honey’s First-Ever Bath and Body Line Is Finally Here

December 4, 2013

You may have already heard — or better yet, seen — about our exciting news, but allow us to make it officially official.

IMG_9160 copy

We’re proud to introduce to you our brand new, very own, all-organic bath and body line. With our name in flashing lights, or rather labelled across amber glass apothecary bottles, you can expect the same attention to detail, wellness, and results that you would receive at our spas. That means, every product has been handcrafted from the ground up in Austin.

We’ll start you off with a selection of milk + honey products below, slow and steady. But if you’d rather see the entire line right now, all you have to do is click here.

lip scrub - vanila - 400px

Lip Scrub No. 40 ($12) 

An early best-seller, and it’s not hard to see why. This gentle lip scrub doubles as both an easy-to-use pout perfecter and a sweet, sugar-y beauty treat. While available in two blends, the No. 40 scrub smells of warm vanilla and cardamom — the kind of scent that goes hand-in-hand with the holidays. Did we mention it’s kind of the best stocking stuffer ever? You’re welcome.

cream - no 16 - 8oz - 400px

Body Cream No. 16 ($32)

It’s dry out there, but hello, that doesn’t mean your skin has to succumb to the change in seasons. Our
No. 16 blend — infused with pink grapefruit, bergamot, and cardamom — makes moisturizing addictive with its subtle citrus scent and smooth finish. And the best part? Guys love it, too.

salts - no 18 - 20- 400px

Sore Muscle Soak ($24)

Whether this luxe soak first comes in handy due to holiday exertion or just a really good run, it’s the kind of bath time bliss that de-stresses and repairs. Arnica oil helps to heal and the eucalyptus and ginger oil wakes up weary limbs. Do you even need more convincing?

home fragrance - 400px

Home Fragrance ($20)

You asked. We listened. What exactly are we talking about? Oh, just that we’ve finally bottled up the signature milk + honey scent so you can bring a little piece of our spa sanctuary home with you.

As you can see, there’s not just one item to love. That’s why we’ll give you an additional $20 discount to any milk + honey product purchase over $100 when you pay with the PayPal mobile app {valid in-store only}. Say promo code “PAYPALPRODUCTS” when you head to the front-desk checkout. Now, you’ll never, ever have to pick favorites.

To see our entire collection, click here. Happy shopping, and happy holidays!

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