Is Your Nail Service Sanitary?

January 20, 2011

When frightful stories of nail fungus and communicable diseases from manicures and pedicures are passed around, it makes you wonder what makes a nail station safe? It is not worth compromising physical health for beautiful fingers and toes.

At milk + honey we go to great lengths to ensure your nail service is as clean as it is elegant. Our pedicure stations are outfitted with bowl sinks for soaking your pups instead of using jet baths, which are known for harboring fungus. The bowls are completely sanitized between every client. All of our nail tools are thoroughly sanitized with Barbicide, an industry gold standard in cleaning solutions. The tools are then “cooked” in an autoclave so any stubborn bacteria is eliminated.

All nail technicians at milk + honey are highly skilled, licensed, well-trained and extremely fastidious so that you can relax, read a magazine, bliss out and enjoy your dazzling digits.

Photo credit goes to TheGiantVermin.

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