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New Spa Partisans

New Spa Partisans

Welcome New Esthetician Kylie

October 3, 2013

KylieWe are thrilled to introduce our newest esthetician Kylie to our 2nd Street District skin care team.

Kylie moved to Austin in 2011 from her hometown of Houston. She enjoys Austin especially when she is outside kayaking or playing sand volleyball.

She loves being an esthetician and helping people get the skin they really want. Her favorite beauty tip is keep you moisturizer in the fridge, not only does it feel refreshing but it also helps to reduce puffiness and inflammation.

Come have a service with Kylie at 2nd Street District and help us welcome her to the team.

New Spa Partisans

Welcome New Concierge Cara

October 3, 2013

CaraWe are excited to announce our newest concierge to the milk + honey team, Cara.

Cara moved to Austin in 2008 and loves are city. She enjoys all the fantastic restaurants and dog parks our wonderful city has to offer.

She wanted to be a concierge with milk + honey because she really enjoys making a positive impact on someone’s day.

Stop in and say hello to Cara at our 2nd Street District or Hill Country Galleria locations today!

New Spa Partisans

Congratulations New Esthetician Chelsea

September 10, 2013

ChelseaWe are ecstatic to introduce our newest esthetician Chelsea, and you might recognize her. Chelsea had been our concierge for years, but now she is joining our 2nd Street District skin care team.

Chelsea is originally from Marfa, Texas. She’s been an Austinite since 2004. Chelsea loves to surround herself with people who are interested in health and relaxation so we know milk + honey spa is the perfect match for her. We also know we love Chelsea’s favorite beauty tip, which is drink plenty of water and eat lots of healthy essential fatty acids like grapeseed oil and flax. It will give you great skin.

We’re very pleased to have Chelsea move from to the skin care team, call 512.236.1115 and schedule an appointment with her.

New Spa Partisans

Welcome Esthetician Diana

July 12, 2013

DianaWe are ecstatic to introduce our newest esthetician Diana to our Hill Country Galleria skin care team.

She has been in Austin since 2000 and can’t imagine living in a better city. Diana enjoys being an esthetician because she can help clients achieve maximum results while being able to help them relax and reduce stress.

Diana has three simple beauty tips to live by: stress reduction, clean diet, and deep diaphragm breathing.

If you would like to make an appointment please call us at 512.236.1115 or stop by milk + honey spa Hill Country Galleria.

New Spa Partisans

Welcome Spa Partisan Karis

July 6, 2013

KarisWe are thrilled to have Karis, a licensed massage therapist, as the newest member of our 2nd Street District massage team.

Karis moved to Austin from Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2012, and has loved every minute in our great city. When we asked her why she became a massage therapist she said, “to share her passion and enthusiasm for health and well being, and I am excited about supporting the vibrancy of the Austin community through bodywork.”

Karis has very simple beauty tips: sleep, stretch, drink a lot of water, and be happy.

Come visit Karis at our 2nd Street District flagship spa. Call 512.236.1115 and schedule your appointment today.

New Spa Partisans

Welcome Spa Partisan Marie

June 25, 2013

MariePlease join us in welcoming Marie, a licensed massage therapist, to our 2nd Street District massage team.

Marie came to Austin in 2010, from Seattle. Being a dancer helped her realize how much massage could help her with her performance, recovery and sustain her body for a longer career. She loves the idea that as a massage therapist she can help people do what they love and ultimately live a less stressful life.

Help us welcome Marie to our signature location in downtown Austin, and make an appointment with her today!

New Spa Partisans

Welcome Natural Nail Therapist Angi

June 20, 2013

AngiWe are pleased to welcome Angi to our milk + honey Hill Country Galleria team. Our newest Natural Nail Therapist just moved to Austin in May 2013 from Akron Ohio and loves this city.

Angi loves beauty and believes this is definitely the right industry for her. She feels she has to have a career that is very interactive with people and helping them feel great.

Her favorite beauty secret is coconut oil, is a great natural skin care product and has so many other fantastic uses.

Welcome Angi, we’re very excited to have you join our milk + honey family.

New Spa Partisans

Welcome Spa Partisan Erin

June 11, 2013

ErinWe are so lucky to have Erin joining our 2nd Street District as our newest Massage Therapist.

Erin has been an Austinite since 2008, and loved every minute of it.

She decided that massage was the profession for her not only because she loves helping others, but also gets to be in an environment that is relaxing with people who are happy to be there.

Erin’s beauty recommendation: sleep. The body heals during your down time.

Come see her at our 2nd Street District spa and welcome her to our team!

New Spa Partisans

Welcome Esthetician Kim

May 1, 2013

KimPlease join us in welcoming our newest esthetician Kim to our Hill Country Galleria team!

Kim loves absolutely everything having to do with skin care, from the ingredients and how they affect the skin to the healing aspects of the spa.

Her favorite beauty tip is that beauty is from the inside out, let your inner light shine through and you will glow. Also use vitamin E oil and an oat + honey scrub weekly, this will help your inner shine.

Make an appointment with Kim to have her help your inner beauty shine through at Hill Country Galleria, 512.236.1115.

New Spa Partisans

Welcome New Stylist Krystal

April 26, 2013

photo (9)We are very excited to welcome our newest stylist, Krystal, to our SALON by milk + honey Arboretum Market team! You can meet all of our milk + honey stylists right here — Our Team. Krystal’s rates are $65 for women’s cuts, and $45 for men’s cuts.

Krystal has been a licensed stylist since 2002. She has made her mark in the styling business. Starting as an apprentice in Denver, Krystal has mastered the art of Aveda cuts, colors, and makeup applications. She has participated in several fashion shows and fundraising events, as well as becoming an educator. She is highly talented in listening to her clients wants and needs, creating a modern twist on classic looks. Krystal has been an educator for several product lines as well as developing a sought after apprentice program in Colorado. When she is not behind the chair, you can find her exploring her new home in Austin! Krystal is located at our Arboretum salon.

Stop by SALON by milk + honey Arboretum Market for a quick consultation or call us to set up an appointment, 512.236.1115.

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